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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Our Chief Belonging Architect and Founder, Devin Halliday is an experienced senior leader, who's built and led successful teams for two decades. Devin has extensive experience in key leadership roles within a Fortune 15 company, where he built a reputation of driving top tier results while delivering exceptional customer and employee experiences.

Building a deep and meaningful sense of belonging (for customers and employees) is truly the specialty at rudiment solutions, and Devin is the Chief Belonging Architect.

Through process-driven, people-centric principles, Devin has been able to develop a core set of rudiments applicable to businesses, leaders, and entrepreneurs across all industries.

Devin Halliday is an award-winning sales leader, with a diverse background and passion for people. He is the author of Belonging Factor: How Great Brands and Great Leaders Inspire Action, Build Community, and Grow Profits. He hosts the Belonging Factor Podcast, where he elevates the dialogue around diversity, inclusion, and of course, belonging. Devin is the Founder and Chief Belonging Architect at Rudiment Solutions, a people empowerment company that works with individuals and organizations to thrive in all things people, process, and profits. Devin proudly served in the U.S. Navy.


Devin is a Northern California native. He's explored the people, places, and cultures across this beautiful planet. He's been amazed. He's been humbled. He's been outraged. But mostly, he's been inspired to share his lessons with audiences worldwide.



MOST ORGANIZATIONS have well-written, well-intentioned culture and values statements. They review them at big meetings and plaster them on the walls in the building. Designed to inform how the brand and the people behave, they're intended to have a positive impact on people, process and profits.


The problem: A staggering majority of them are bullsh!t. But there is a way to reimagine your values, your culture, and your brand in a way that inspires tremendous loyalty builds community and delivers profits. Entrepreneur and award-winning sales leader Devin Halliday can show you how.


  • The Belonging Factor is a system based on five shared characteristics of the greatest brands and most successful leaders.


  • It is designed for CEOs, executives, senior leaders and anyone interested in building an authentic, inspired, diverse culture, centered in a deep sense of belonging.


In this book, Devin Halliday shares stories of brands and leaders who are getting it done, and those that aren't. The simple tools and practical application make the Belonging Factor a must-have resource, no matter your title or position.


Whether you're running your own company, coaching a team or just have a passion for success because of people, not on the backs of them, the Belonging Factor is the book you need to inspire people, improve process and deliver profits.


We're all searching for that place we belong, the people we belong with, the job we belong at... and it can be exhausting!

Each Wednesday, join Devin Halliday, award-winning leader, and Chief Belonging Architect & Founder at Rudiment Solutions, as he interviews guests and shares insights to help you understand how great leaders and great brands inspire loyalty, build community and grow profits.

If you've always believed there's more for you out there, and you enjoy helping others find their sense of belonging, this podcast is for you. 

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